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A Literary Magazine

New Square is the official publication of the Sancho Panza Literary Society, an independent society of ideas in residence each summer at the hauntingly beautiful and historic Trinity College Dublin.  Our Dublin program features ten days of intensive writer’s workshop and literary debate at Trinity, and is augmented by trips to Howth and the Irish Sea, plays at the Abbey, Gate, and Gaeity Theatres, visits to the Dublin Writer’s Museum, The National Art Gallery, and the Guinness Storehouse (all within walking distance from campus), and a full day excursion to the west of Ireland to visit Galway and the Cliffs of Moher.  The name New Square is derived from the section of campus where our participants reside during the workshop.

Founded 2018


Founder/Director/Faculty | Prof. Joseph M. Reynolds
Trinity College Dublin; the Washington Media Institute. Author of the novel Make Dust our Paper which was nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize
Associate Director | Dr. Sean Frederick Forbes
Chair of Creative Writing, University of Connecticut

Head of Fundraising | Loretto Leary

Founding Members
Caelan Booth
Trevis Busteed
Kevin Carr
Kimberlea Chabot
Jean Clayton 
Sean Forbes 
Pearl Granat
David Kresge
Erica Lauer
Carol McCoy
Jim Schepker 
Amber Smith 
Colleen Kydd Sumberg

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