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Our inaugural issue features the creative works of Tara Betts, Livia Meneghin, Damon Moore, Lili Fishman, Bruce Cohen, Rose Malone, Harry Lowther, Laura Rodgers, Christine Telford, Jim Schepker, Loretto Leary, Frank E. Lee, Thomas Keith, Samuel Eric Marx, Joesph M. Reynolds, Glenda Pritchett, and Kevin Carr.

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Featuring the creative works of Erin Lynn, Karry Carnahan, Randall Couch, Devin Esch, Mary Lee-Slade, R. Joseph Rodríguez, Matthew Ryan Shelton, Fergus Anthony, Kaliyah Dorsey, Harry Lowther, Colin Brzezicki, Jeff Bens, Megan Fitzgerald, Jim Schepker, Calen Nakash, Charlie Lee, Da Chen, Shane Cashman, Leonard Engel, PhD, Joseph M. Reynolds, and Kevin Carr

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FALL 2019


Featuring the creative works of...

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