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Ditta Baron Hoeber


you meet a person

and in his face...

what part

of the word recognize...

is recognize always history

could it be instead

an imaginary hat



you see a person

and in his face

there is...

and he says do you like my hat?

and you say

I can’t leave home this way.


looking in the mirror

brush in hand

paper. ink. the light

that lights my skin

each crease

a page

folded down

lined. lines I write.

draw. drawn to


brush in hand

I attempt


black ink obliterating




try again.

relentless. recognize.

the ink. the ink. the light.

imagining a hat to

wear spazieren


you see a person

and in his face you recognize

your face.



drawn to

you ask him

do you like my hat?

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